4 Best Plus-Sized Smartphones

A SPECIAL ROUNDUP: REAL PHONES HAVE CURVES. Go mobile in the New Year with the best “plus-sized” smartphones from the last few months




The first thing you’ll notice about Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus is its size—which might be just a tad too big for many iPhone users. But what’s contained in that large package more than makes up for what it might lack in convenience. The 6S Plus is faster than its predecessors, has better battery life, has a bigger screen with better resolution, and comes with an improved camera with optical image stabilization. The pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display is also a huge plus. So, with all that in mind, surely we can overlook the 6S Plus’ extra girth, right?





Sony has come up with some really nice smartphones in the latter half of 2015, but there’s still a special spot in our lineup for the Xperia Z3+. For one, the Z3+ marks a major step forward with Sony’s OmniBalance design—the phone looks really nice. It’s also waterproof, as expected; but unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t require an extra flap to cover the USB port. On the inside, the Z3+ boasts a faster processor, a better selfie-cam and superb remote-play capabilities for use with the PlayStation 4. So, while it’s no longer new, we’d say that the Xperia Z3+ is still worth a buy.






If anything, OnePlus sure knows how to make great sequels. The OnePlus 2 was one of the most anticipated phones in 2015, and when it finally came out, it really delivered. Besides some lingering software bugs (nothing that regular updates can’t eventually fix), the phone runs smoothly and features incredible build quality. But the best part of the OnePlus 2 is definitely the three-stage notification slider that lets you quickly adjust how often the phone nags you with notifications and updates. This is definitely something that needs to be standard on all smartphones.






The latest addition in Samsung’s flagship lineup is the long-awaited Galaxy Edge S6+. So, how does it fare compared to the regular (and smaller) S6, its cousin from the Note family and its peers? Well, for one thing, the vaunted Edge screen isn’t that useful yet. Battery life is also rather disappointing. Still, the S6+ has an incredible screen and a superb camera, which is not exactly unexpected from the Galaxy line. More importantly, though, the phone simply looks and feels great in your hand. And maybe one day, somebody will find a really neat way to utilize those curvy edges.