Zenith Brings Back Its Colorful DEFY References with the DEFY Revival A3690

Introduced back in 1970, the A3690 was one of the first references of the DEFY wristwatch line to use vivid colors

Zenith brings back the DEFY Revival A3690, one of its most flamboyantly symbolic DEFY references. Appearance-wise, the A3690 was one of the first references to use vivid colors. It was first introduced in 1970, immediately after the debut of the DEFY wristwatch line with its tough “bank vault” case and bold dial design.

This time, the DEFY Revival A3690 brings back all the details and distinctive design elements that made the first-ever DEFY wristwatch model such an outstanding reference of its era and one that established the codes that continue to inspire the DEFY collection today. Of particular note, the DEFY Revival A3690 was meticulously recreated using historical production plans.

Essentially, this includes the now-iconic Gay Frères steel “ladder” bracelet—which has been updated with a more contemporary and ergonomic folding clasp—a faceted octagonal case paired with a fourteen-sided bezel, a teal-blue dial with a prominent vignette effect that darkens towards the edges, unusually applied square hour markers featuring horizontal grooves, and so on.

As a final addition, the DEFY Revival A3690 features a sapphire display back showing the automatic Elite 670 manufacture movement that provides an autonomy of 50 hours beneath its lovely dial, instead of the original’s solid case back decorated with a four-pointed star that became one of the brand’s logos and recurring design element for years.