Zegna Luxury Leisurewear Presents a Contemporary Comfort for 2021

The collection is backed by a campaign starring Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis

With an effortlessly elegant new collection, Ermenegildo Zegna redefines the very idea of luxury by elevating comfort and versatility to a new level of sophistication. Designed to reflect the changing times faced by today’s world, the Luxury Leisurewear collection encapsulates our transformed lifestyles with multifunctional garments in hybrid designs that are easy to wear and easy to pack.

Zegna expressed this new design philosophy with pieces that adapt to dynamic locations and weather conditions. Each piece was designed with adaptability and personal comfort front and center, keeping in mind the changing situation where both time and space tend to blend together between work, leisure, and living.

Collection highlights include water repellent field jackets, next-generation cargo pants and hooded anoraks made for modern living. Profound details like utilitarian pockets, zippers and hoods nod to functionality while maintaining Zegna’s renowned craftsmanship and precision.

Luxury Leisurewear is also brought to life by collaborating with model, singer and songwriter Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, placing the collection as a centerpiece for Zegna’s spring/summer 2021 #WHATMAKESAMAN campaign. Photographed at the Oasi Zegna natural reserve, Gabriel-Kane flaunts fluid silhouettes and earthy colors in wearable outfits that say nothing less than sophisticated. Made to Measure Luxury Leisurewear is also available for a totally personalized experience that reflects each individually unique spirit.