Zane Carter is on the road again

With a passion that shines bright, actor and singer Zane Carter is ready to take on the world in his next musical adventures

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Just a few months ago, we had the pleasure of getting acquainted with American singer and actor Zane Carter. We delved into his journey throughout the entertainment industry and learned about his exciting entry into the global pop group Now United. As it happens, we recently had the chance to catch up with the talented artist again as he prepares for his next adventures…

Jacket and shirt by Greg Lauren; pants by J.Lindeberg; shoes by PHIPPS; necklace by Jaxxon

DAMAN: Hi Zane, nice to meet you again. We heard the exciting news that you and Now United will be on tour as The S Club opening act. Can you tell us more?
Zane Carter:
 It’s a pleasure to meet again. I’m so glad to get the opportunity. I can’t even begin to describe just how excited I am to be on stage again. This October, we’ll be performing all across the U.K. and Ireland in 15 different shows. It will be such a fantastic experience since I believe that S Club is a perfect fit for Now United. We love the message that S Club puts out into the world and are beyond blessed to be able to go on such an incredible journey with them. We both hold the message and intention of our groups to such a high standard.

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DA: What excites you most about the upcoming tour and performing in the U.K. and Ireland?
 The actual performance is what I’m most excited about. Being on stage is an indescribable feeling that I always find difficult to put into words—not even in a weird metaphorical way. There simply isn’t a set of words that could sum it up and do it justice. Then, very close behind that, I would say traveling to both places has been something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. So, I’m having a bucket list trip checked off on top of it all.

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DA: How will this experience influence your stage performances in the future?
 The part of your brain that focuses on performing is the same as any other muscle in your body. Working on that specific part is the only way to work it out. Meaning, yes, I can do all the practice in front of the mirror I want, but the only thing that will genuinely make me greater is stepping on stage in front of an audience. This experience will give me the circumstances to follow through with exactly that. Every performance is inherently different. There will always be a different crowd or venue. There will never be the exact same prep or show again, which is a unique but terrifying thing to think about. However, one of its greatest pros is that there will always be something to learn from each one. So, this tour will give me 15 chances to discover something about myself as an artist and how I can improve to give people a show they will never forget.

“This tour will give me 15 chances to discover something about myself as an artist, and how I can improve”

DA: Touring with S Club allows you to reach a potentially different demographic. How do you plan to engage and connect with their fans while staying true to Now United’s unique style and message?
 I think this all comes down to how much we can connect with the performances we’re giving. If we can’t connect to our songs, how could we expect strangers to do the same? The message of Now United is something I would classify as timeless. It’s about connecting people all across the globe, no matter the circumstances or cultures, through the love of art and music. Which is by no means something that should be limited to one demographic.

“If we can’t connect to our songs. How could we expect strangers to do the same?”

DA: Being part of a global group must offer unique cultural experiences. Can you share some of the memorable cultural moments or discoveries you’ve had while traveling with Now United?
 One of the most apparent things that has shown up across multiple cultures compared to my own is that a larger majority of people are taught various languages from a younger age and use them more often. It’s something I’ve wished for the longest time, since I could’ve gone my whole life being multilingual. It’s never too late, though, and I’ve been taking my lessons on the side and picking up on loads of random phrases from all these different languages. Hopefully, the next time we speak, I’ll have picked up even more.

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DA: Many artists have pre-show rituals. Can you share any of those you or Now United follow before each performance?
Before I step out on stage and in the pre-show, I always pray beforehand. Gratitude is the largest combatant of anxiety. It’s beyond important, especially when life gets pretty crazy and I need to remind myself why I am where I’m at. That’s just mine, but the group and I have a huddle we always gather in before stepping out, where we all say a few words before we break the huddle with a chant.

Jacket and pants by J.Lindeberg; necklace by Jaxxon

DA: Correct us if we’re wrong, but is that a teaser for a new song on your Instagram account? Tell us more about “Don’t You Call Me Up”
That’s correct; it is. And it’s one I’ve been waiting to put out for quite a while now. I adore the song, but it’s related to a situation from the past and not one I find myself in currently. I think that’s a fantastic aspect of music, though: taking a piece of art someone else made and applying it to your own life and experiences. It becomes a bonding point between people in areas they might not have thought others went through.

Sweater and pants by Greg Lauren; briefs by Calvin Klein; shoes by Fila

DA: How does “Don’t You Call Me Up” fit into your musical style and vision? Are there any unique elements or influences listeners can expect in this song?
 Musical style is something I feel changes so much throughout an artist’s career. Especially since so much of the craft comes from exploring more about the art itself and yourself. Acoustic pop has to be what my heart is leaning toward the most right now, but sometimes, my heart loves to surprise me. “Don’t You Call Me Up” leans right into the aspects of music I love.

Jacket by DKNY; hoodie by Fila; pants by Greg Lauren; shoes by PHIPPS

DA: What are your expectations and hopes for the release, and how do you anticipate your fans and the wider audience will connect with this new addition to your musical catalog?
 I expect people to take this and relate or connect it to their own lives and stories. In a way, it’s to be able 129 to connect with it as much as I have. That’s the only natural way I feel someone can truly understand the meaning of a song.

DA: How do you plan to engage with your fans and involve them in releasing and promoting “Don’t You Call Me Up”?
 One thing I hold really important to all my work is that it’s genuine and organic. I would never expect the fans to promote something they didn’t believe in. So, as far as involving them in promoting it, it should be because of a decision they made to believe in a vision I have that hopefully relates and can affect them in some way.

Sweater by Greg Lauren; pants by Tiger of Sweden; shoes by Fila

DA: How do you see your music evolving in the coming years? Are there any new genres or styles you’d like to explore?
 I think it’s something I’ll know and feel right about when the time is right. However, if I could guess, I could go more towards a folk feel. I’ve been obsessed with its storytelling and lyrical aspects for the longest time. The fact that a song is spoken and sounds like a poem is precisely where I want my creative process and direction to end up.

DA: Apart from music and acting, are there any other art forms or hobbies that inspire your creativity and influence your work as an artist?
I love to journal and draw. In a way, they feel very adjacent to music and acting since they both come from the same part of the creative brain. They all allow your mind to go to a separate place where your fear shrinks, and you can pour yourself into your work. Where there’s no filter you put on, and it’s purely what’s in your heart and soul. So, if anything affects my work as an artist, it’s for sure that.

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