World’s most expensive men’s shoes

Tired of your cheap shoes? Time to take up step up in quality, that is, if you happen to have US$38,000 that you want to get rid of.

The US$38,000 shoe from A. Testoni

At an astonishing price of US$38,000 per pair, Italian luxury brand A. Testoni is offering the world’s most expensive pair of men’s dress shoes. Testoni, founded in Bologna, Italy in 1929 by Amedeo Testoni, painstakingly handcrafts the Moro monk-strap model in the world’s finest exotic alligator skin, applying the techniques of Norvegese, or Norwegian construction, for durability and added water resistance. Stiched with custom-made linen twine, the shoes are lined with glove-soft goatskin and adorned with a rich gold and diamond buckle.
Testoni also uses a second proprietary process, called the piuma rapid, justifying the high cost of these shoes, which require some 200 manual operations to complete. They are made up, deconstructed, and then put back together again in a patented method that results in a shoe as light as a feather that at the same time guarantees protection from hot, cold and humid weather. The Testonis eclipse the $10,000 alligator wingtips offered by Louis Vuitton last season and are sure to appeal to gentlemen of means who insist on the very best the world has to offer, regardless of price.