With the BR03- 92 HUD, Bell & Ross Once Again Highlights the Magic of Aviation Instruments

Inspired by the heads-up displays of fighter jets, Bell & Ross’ new BR03- 92 HUD completes the brand’s Flight Instruments family.

Bell & Ross knows a thing or two about the ultimate reference for professional aviation timepieces. In particular, , the Parisian brand’s Instruments collection is directly inspired by the essential navigation tools found in aircraft cockpits—from the BR 01 that was inspired by the cockpit clocks of 1970s planes to the BR 01 RADAR and many other singular references. These pieces also highlight Bell & Ross’ four fundamental requirements: functionality, legibility, reliability and precision.

This year, as part of Bell & Ross’ continuing quest for innovation and performance, the brand turned their attention to the Heads-Up Display or HUD—the transparent glass screen that displays a wealth of essential information directly in the pilot’s visual field. This inspiration led to the BR 03-92 HUD, the latest aviation-instrument edition from Bell & Ross which is built around superimposed levels and arranged in tiers.

In order to create an overlay that echoes a real HUD , the concept of Augmented Reality is adapted to this timepiece through three layers. Firstly, the green-tinted sapphire crystal glass gives the illusion of the digital HUD-type display, using the surface of the disc dial and that of the glass.

The center part of the hands are then purposely hidden to further increase the digit analogy and the legibility principles of professional aeronautical instruments. Lastly, the hours are indicated by a green triangle marker which appears in the center through an independent concentric disc which is not graduated. This ultra-light disc was created to also ensure that neither the power reserve or the accuracy of the watch are negatively affected.

Besides the layered effect, the watch also comes with a special coating. Bell & Ross recreates the graphic style of HUDs as closely as possible by using green. The green on the dial mirrors the computer-type display of the HUD, while the black matte ceramic case’s anti-reflective background provides a striking contrast. The case also features the iconic “circle in a square” that refers to the silhouette of an aircraft cockpit clock.

In order to provide an intense green light upfront, the hour numerals, indices, triangle as well as the minute-circle and hands are treated with green Super-LumiNova C3 . This combination also emphasizes the ultra-legibility of the dial.

All in all, thanks to its augmented display design, Bell & Ross’ BR 03- 92 HUD offers watch aficionados a new perception of time by liberating them from the conventional manner of displaying time.