will.i.am Launches Fashionable Wireless Earphones

With the help of Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell


will.i.am and kendall jenner for buttons earphones


Headphones are part of fashion now. Just ask Rihanna.

will.i.am responds to the need of stylish headphones with Buttons, the wireless earphones created by his cultural technology company i.am+.

The earbuds are wireless, which make them the perfect pair for the jackless iPhone7. Moreover, Buttons will be available in eight colorways (including gray, white, rose gold and gold) that match iPhone7’s. The shape, meanwhile, resembles that of a vinyl record because, after all, music is the first and foremost inspiration.

To promote Buttons, will.i.am has enlisted the help of supermodels and company’s co-owners Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell to front the ad campaign.


kendall jenner for buttons earphones


naomi campbell for buttons earphones


The earbuds are available at Apple stores and Apple.com. Priced at US$ 230, a portion of the net proceeds will be donated to will.i.am’s i.am.angel Foundation to fund scholarships and educational programs in underserved communities.