What We Love Today: Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Collection

Swatch pays homage to one of the most iconic watches in the Swiss watch industry by introducing the 11 pieces BioCeramic MoonSwatch collection

Swatch recently collaborated with Omega to create an innovative Swatch take on the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch by launching a collection of eleven Swatch models named after planetary bodies, from the giant star at the center of the solar system to the dwarf planet at its periphery.

Mission to Uranus
Mission to Pluto
Mission to Earth

Intriguingly, all of the Swatch designs are in the brand’s patented BioCeramic, which is a unique mix of two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil. Aside from that, the key Moonwatch design features are all also there. For instance, the asymmetrical case, the famous tachymeter scale with dot over ninety, and the distinctive Speedmaster subdials can be seen in the watch.

Mission to Venus
Mission to Sun
Mission to Jupiter

Appearance-wise, the new collection comes in rarely seen colors. To top it off, each MoonSwatch also features its own mission statement, inspirational engravings, a spacesuit-ready VELCRO strap, a joint Omega X Swatch logos on the dial and crown, as well as the battery cover on each watch features a depiction of its planet.

Mission to Mercury
Mission to Mars
Mission to Neptune

In the end, as a down-to-earth take on the watch that went to the moon—which is a perfect representation of Swatch’s joy of life and innovation philosophy—Swatch’s witty BioCeramic MoonSwatch collection makes the iconic design accessible to fans everywhere.

Mission to Moon
Mission to Saturn