What We Love Today: Meatsmith’s Indonesian-Inspired Menu

Meatsmith collaborates with food storyteller Ade Putri in celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day

Woku Fried Chicken Burger

As a place that explores the various cultures, cooking techniques, and flavors, Meatsmith brings something special to Jakarta’s food scene this month. Particularly, the American BBQ and Steakhouse brand celebrates Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day by collaborating with renowned food storyteller, Ade Putri.

Ade Putri, which recently accompanied Gordon Ramsay on a trip to Padang, West Sumatra, and appeared on his Discovery Channel series “Uncharted,” creates a tantalizing Indonesian-inspired menu with Meatsmith’s Chef Aga Alvian that features many local delicacies that she has scouted during her culinary trips around the archipelago.

Rendang Beef Cheek Pie

In particular, there are five traditional dishes, Woku Fried Chicken Burger (Manado), Ayam Taliwang Flat Bread (Lombok), Rendang Beef Cheek Pie (West Sumatra), Beef Short Ribs Pamarrasan (Toraja), and Arsik Beef Brisket Spring Rolls (North Sumatra). Interestingly, Ade and Chef Aga updated the aforementioned five dishes with the finest ingredients and prepared them using modern techniques.

Marshmallow Spice Cake

Finally, to complete the journey of the Indonesian-inspired dishes, Meatsmith also presents two cocktails of the month using local flavors in collaboration with Monkey Shoulder throughout August. The two cocktails, named Jackfruit Whisky Sour and Marshmallow Spice Cake, will highlight the use of jackfruit, Indonesia’s sweet and sour local fruit, and Indonesian spices.