What We Love Today: Balmain’s BBOLD Sneakers

The BBOLD collection highlights the house’s belief that true modern luxury must aim to consistently incorporate the highest level of craftsmanship.

Balmain launches the new BBOLD sneaker collection with touches from many of the familiar codes of the house, including hints of gold, the iconic monogram and logo, the spirit of Balmain’s ateliers and an amplified silhouette along with a transformative power. Of particular note, there is one particular model (in two colors: black-gold and black-white) that instantly became our favorites.

First of all, there’s the all black suede and knit high-top sneakers with a black Balmain logo and a touch of gold-tone metal on the sole, golden panels and an embossed gold Balmain logo.

Uniquely, since gold is always key for Balmain—even when reduced to just a small accent—this golden touch evokes Balmain’s legacy as one of Paris’ historic houses.

On the other hand, there’s the black and white knit and rubber high-top sneakers, black straps and thick white platform soles with white Balmain logo.

Up front, there’s also the “B” adorning the side of the sneaker, which the house’s recently introduced as a symbol that is somehow both audaciously modern and firmly rooted in its history. In addition, the newly reworked house logo in a bold sans-serif text is also set front and center.

All in all, these sneakers are set atop two independent soles, perfectly matching the confident and provocative spirit of the design while also helping to make clear that today’s Balmain embodies both a storied past and an exciting present.