What We Learned from London Men’s Fashion Week 2019: Part 1

One of the much awaited fashion event of every year (also as the one that starts the industry’s calendar year,) London Men’s Fashion Week 2019 brought many interesting things.

London have always been the most experimental out of the four fashion capitals, so it’s no wonder many names brought their quirkiest, most bizarre and kinkiest designs to the runway. Of course, there’s always some brighter gems among them, along with great pieces that we captured for our personal wishlist almost immediately.

As for the trends, we found some great design points to share.

Deconstructed Dark Suit

Phoebe English, Edward Crutchley, Pronounce, Xander Zhou

Quite a necessary piece for any fall/winter, the cool, classic and classy dark tonal suit is having some extreme deconstructing treatments this year. From adapting traditional silhouettes, cropped pants, neon bright seams to bodyfit jumpsuits.

Blasts of Colors

Iceberg, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Bobby Abley, Pronounce

Yet, not everyone opt the gloomy cloudy London autumn. Some decided to pick a more experimental and expressive palette, bringing yellow, blue, red and orange straight to your face. Also, classic cartoon characters are a popular selection – both for pattern and color sets.

Green Horns

Kiko Kostadinov, Christopher Raeburn, John Lawrence Sullivan, Wood Wood

And now since we’re talking about colors, there’s one tone that stood out more than the rest: green. Some says it’s the color of life and nature – but here, it’s just brilliant experiments in contemporary pieces.

*Continued to Part 2