Watch Lab: Ball Watch

FORCE OF NATURE. BALL Watch’s latest piece, the firestorm chaser pro, is a ticking company to audacious storm troopers


The micro gas tubes light up in the dark

Having produced precision watches for past American train officers, BALL Watch now continues to innovate and create reliable tool watches for a wide spectrum of engineering professions. Not excluding the Storm Chaser pieces, these are dedicated timekeeping instruments that were forged under a partnership with Dr. Joshua Wurman, a distinguished meteorologist who’s better known as the scientist in Discovery channel’s “Storm Chasers.” The basic utility in question then was: What does a storm scientist need in a wristwatch?

The Fireman Storm Chaser Pro ticks the checkboxes on what a storm chaser on average might ever need in a timepiece. The matte black anodized aluminum bezel has a simple telemeter that can help measure the distance of a certain phenomenon that can be seen and heard—such as lightning and thunder. A chronograph function is also presented, practical to time natural occurrences in sight. In a lowlight condition, this watch unfailingly tells time, thanks to the luminescent indexes and hands that contain brightly colored H3 gas in micro tubes.2

Telemeter works using the chronograph to measure distance. For instance, you press the 2-o’clock pusher to start the chronograph as you see a lightning flash. When the thunder arrives, you press the 4-o’clock pusher to stop the chronograph. If the hand points at 3 o’clock, then the distance is five kilometers away.

While most of the hour indexes give off a green-colored light, the H3 gas for the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock produces a yellow glow instead. The 12 o’clock exudes a distinct orange shade. The inscription “T25” at 6 o’clock tells the amount of H3 gas the dial has, which may remain bright over the course of 10 years or so.

Stated below the date display is the watch’s water resistance up to 100 meters. The Fireman Storm Chaser Pro is also shock-resistant up to 5,000G, equivalent to the timepiece falling from a meter high onto a hard floor.


Case Material: Stainless Steel
Matt Black
RR1402, Automatic
Power Reserve:
42 Hours