Watch: H3 by HYT

ONCE UPON A TIME. Given the breadth of watchmaking evolution, it seems there is only little left unimagined in terms of how a timepiece should look and be




That being said, HYT has once again broken conventional norms and now offers another groundbreaking piece that is truly one of a kind: the H3. With an extra-large 62x41mm case, the H3 has a liquid indicator to denote the hour the hour marker row will rotate every six hours and a retrograde red hand to indicate tens of lapsed minutes. The sculptural dial is anything but subtle; the intricate dial design and elements form a distinct visual orchestra. On the back is a power reserve indicator of 170 hours, equivalent to seven days. Limited to 25 pieces, the H3 is indeed an extravagant masterpiece that commands attention anywhere, anytime.