Walking Through Time: Cole Haan’s Vachetta Collection

Cole Haan presents the Vachetta Collection to honor time, legacy and excellence

TopSpin Sneaker

Where trends often come and go like fleeting moments, there’s a certain beauty in the enduring, the timeless. This notion serves as the perfect introduction to Cole Haan’s Vachetta Collection. Handcrafted from Italian leather of the same name, the collection pays homage to tradition, heritage and uncompromising excellence.

“As a footwear and lifestyle brand with rich heritage, Cole Haan always observe how the working industry changes for the past years. We are happy to introduce a collection, dedicated to those who are working hard in what they are believing in. We hope the new Vachetta collection will be seen as a force to those working for things that they are passionate about, and embrace the long process to become successful,” shared Lee Walker, Vice President of Footwear and Active at Kanmo Group, the official retailer for Cole Haan in Indonesia.


Vachetta is an untreated Italian leather that originates from a bull’s shoulder. This makes it rugged, durable and enduring . Notable for its high-fat content and natural tan hue, it boasts a buttery-smooth finish. This unique leather is skillfully incorporated into three of Cole Haan’s classic men’s silhouettes.

What further sets this leather apart is its ability to evolve over time, gradually darkening from its original tan hue. This ensures that any pair of Cole Haan shoes remain unique, as no two pairs will remain identical. The aging process is not just a transformation; it’s a journey that adds character and individuality to the brand’s footwear. In many ways, it’s a reflection of the ethos Cole Haan embodies: Work For What You Believe In.

Crossover Sneaker

The Vachetta Collection features the GrandPrø Topspin Penny Loafer, GrandPrø Topspin Sneaker and GrandPrø Crossover Sneaker, offering a range of versatile looks for every occasion. The designs are now available in-store at Grand Indonesia and Pondok Indah Mall 3, and are also available online at www.colehaan.co.id