Vincent Van Gogh x Vans Collaboration: Pictures, Release Date, Where to Buy

Not one to shy from original-looking collaborations, Vans‘ latest venture in combining the best of two worlds this time is to partner with the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam. The iconic impressionist painter is known for his distinct dramatic brushstrokes – seeing them applied on the surface of a pair of skateboard shoes sure is interesting.

Sunflowers” Authentic

Several Van Gogh’s notable masterpieces are adapted into the American shoe manufacturer’s signature silhouettes. It ranges from the Old Skool, SK8-Hi, Authentic and the classic Slip-On, as well as some unisex apparels like T-shirt, hoodie, jacket, hat and backpack.

Self-portrait” T-shirt
Sunflowers” hoodie
Skulls” hoodie

The paintings chosen are Almond Blossom, Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman, two of his Skulls series, another from his many self-portraits, and of course, the mesmerizing Sunflowers. One unique collection singled out for printing the excerpts from the handwritten correspondence between Victor and his brother Theo.

Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman” Old Skool and “Van Gogh’s letter excerpt” Slip-On
Almond Blossom” SK8-Hi and jacket
Skulls” Slip-On

The full collection is expected to be available for purchase at the Van Gogh Museum as well as through their online store. While for the rest of the world, be sure to check on your local Vans retailers at the beginning of August.