Vincent Cassel is the New “The Dude” for Vuarnet Sunglasses

 Vincent Cassel is a benevolent face in the latest campaign of French sunglasses brand Vuarnet


Vincent Cassel for Vuarnet-3


Back in 1998, French eyewear brand Vuarnet became a part of film history when the Dude, aka Jeff Bridges’ character in the now-iconic movie “The Big Lebowski,” was seen wearing one of its sunglasses. And now, in 2016, Vuarnet reconnects with its cinematic roots by tapping Vincent Cassel as the face of the brand’s new ad campaign.

The always-charismatic Cassel seems to be an easy choice for Vuarnet, which looks to strengthen its presence in the United States this year. Cassel’s popularity has indeed gone far beyond his home country after appearing in highly-acclaimed Hollywood movies such as “Ocean’s Twelve” and Oscar-winning “Black Swan.” He’s also set to play the villain in the much-anticipated follow-up to the Bourne saga, which will be released this summer.

Shot by photographer Marcel Hartmann, the campaign sees Cassel as he’s out and about in Rio de Janeiro, where the actor currently lives.

Founded in 1962, Vuarnet takes its name from French ski racer Jean Vuarnet, and is renowned for being the only brand to produce its own mineral lenses.