Video Game Streaming: Your Alternative #StayAtHome Entertainment

For many of us, part of our childhoods involved having a blast by watching a friend or sibling play a video game. Apparently, many people still do. So, welcome to the world of video game streaming … which is especially perfect for those of us who have to #StayAtHOme

One of the reason for YouTube’s growth as a social media platform is thanks to its rise of video game streams. YouTubers would record videos of them playing games while adding commentary or their reactions to the game. The result is basically a two-way social experience—especially during live streams, when viewers can interact directly through the comments section or even join in. Video game live streams (along with streams of other activities like painting, music, comic drawing and even model kit building) are particularly popular on platforms dedicated to the format like Twitch along with YouTube.

While looking at somebody play a video game and commentating on it removes the “playing” part of the experience, it can be practical (if you don’t have the latest gaming gear), informative (if you need pointers on how to play the game or simply enjoy seeing a game’s storyline unfold) and definitely entertaining (if the streamer knows how to engage with his or her audience). Most importantly, video game streams can be your alternative entertainment option when you’re bored with what’s currently on video streaming platforms.

All that being said, here we have a list of top-rated channels to get you started into the world of video game streaming:


Bradley Lamar Colburn, or better known byhis YouTube alias “theRadBrad” is currently one of the best video game walkthrough creators. He was dubbed the “King of YouTube Walkthroughs” by FMV Magazine, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki even mentioned him as one of the “top gaming creators” on the platform. Bradley is a rare breed of YouTubes who effectively explores every detail and corner of a game patiently while still making his gameplay effective and not boring. On the other hand, his commentaries rarely describes his feelings and thoughts of the game and instead provides insightful knowledge for you to keep in mind when playing the game yourself. Always fast to upload the latest hit video game walkthrough on his channel, this is probably the best channel to start your game stream surfing on YouTube.


Not really into the commentaries or the screaming and shouting? We’ve got the channel just for you. While not as popular as the other YouTubers or channels on this list, HassanAlHajry is the self-proclaimed “1# No Commentary Gaming Channel On YouTube.” Quick to upload, this channel has an abundance of amazing mainstream streams played professionally for you to watch. Sometimes, the average YouTuber simply doesn’t know when to shut up. HassanAlHajry, however, is a master.


If you’re a fan of horror, then you’ll surely love Markiplier. Mark Edward Fischbach aka Markiplier specializes in playing survival horror games and is also known for his over-the-top commentary which involves yelling, screaming, cursing, and even crying—which adds to the tension, or the comedic value, of his videos. His channel also provides a look into indie horror games, which, most of the time, are much cooler and scarier than the average mainstream title. Besides playing horror games, Markiplier also used to have a popular series called “Drunk Minecraft,” where he plays the famous sandbox game while basically being drunk. While the series is no longer produced after he sobered up in 2015, it’s still definitely worth watching when you’ve had enough of horror.

BuzzFeed Multiplayer

Part of the BuzzFeed family, BuzzFeed Multiplayer makes game streams all the more interesting as they provide thematic and unimaginable scenarios for their gameplay videos. One of their most popular series is “Professionals Play Games,” where they manage to have real-life professionals play games that relate to their occupation. For example, getting a real police officer play “Grand Theft Auto V” without doing anything illegal—which is the exact opposite of the chaotic nature of the game. Another example is  having a former mob boss play “Mafia II” where he would comment on what the real mob would actually do in certain situation while also recalling stories of crimes pulled off by former colleagues (so much for the omertà code). It definitely makes for a binge-worthy YouTube series.

Of course it is expected that the most popular YouTuber of all time would make it on this list. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or better known under his YouTube alias “Pewdiepie” is often credited as the content creator who popularized the current format of video game streams. His hilarious commentary as well as reaction, along with some of his more questionable content and controversy-stirring acts, is why “Pewds” stands out. Aside from horror-themed games, he also plays a bunch of other genres as well as indie games while making it just as much fun to watch. If you finally decide to go to his channel, scroll down to his earlier years and you’ll see what made him what he is today.