Valentino Unveils Capsule Collection with Fashion Performance

Valentino is following in the Kanye West’s footsteps


valentino rockstud untitled- small


Valentino unveiled its “Rockstud Untitled” capsule collection with a one-of-a-kind performance, dated April 10.

A number of 25 male and female, including actress Emily Mortimer, her husband Alessandro Nivola and models scouted on the streets, performed a special piece created by artist Vanessa Beecroft at the New York Academy of Art. The performance was documented, and the resulting images and video will be available as installations at Valentino’s stores.

Beecroft had previously put together fashion performances for Kanye West‘s Yeezy Seasons 1, 2 and 3 runway shows. It’s interesting to see what a classic fashion brand like Valentino has done to appeal to its modern customers. And because everything is unisex these days, the capsule collection is also made out of all-gender items. Inspired by the Japanese Wabi-sabi philosophy of “perfect imperfection,” the “Rockstud Untitled” collection features a trench, a crewneck sweater, a white shirt and a peacoat with gold studs on the seams. All items will be packaged inside a canvas satchel and is labeled with a number from one to 12.



In other news, Valentino has also revealed a plan to lower prices in Greater China and Southeast Asia. So look forward to that!