Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli

“It’s about how Valentino can become a relevant brand for today’s generation. I want to get out of this exclusivity and to be more inclusive,” Pierpaolo Piccioli, the Creative Director of Valentino said. “I really want couture to be alive. You can’t keep it to the red carpet.”

Here are the top 10 things we love in the Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection.

1. Florals and Sleepwear

Maison Valentino is known for its romanticism. And for Spring 2019, boy, they didn’t hold back. There was an explosion of florals, so over the top you can actually smell the flowers.

A number of looks are also designed like pyjamas. Sleepwear as outwear is going to be big next year!

2. Art deco print

There were innumerable prints seen at Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection, but our most favorite is this art deco print. We love how it’s modernized and re-branded by Pierpaolo Piccioli. See those letters inside the semi-circle shapes?

3. Feathery Shoes

Eye-catching pink—lots of it—were seen on the runway show. But what REALLY caught our eye are these feathery shoes. These feather details were first seen in their Spring 2018 Couture Show (remember those dramatic hats?). They were such a hit that the maison had to do a menswear version. And what better way than to put them in shoes! Cop or drop?

4. Next level camo

What’s a Valentino show without camo prints? Aside from rockstuds, camo is synonymous to the French label. For Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection, it’s all about in-your-face branding. The now iconic VLTN print is made into a pattern and splashed/layered over their signature camos.

5. Aloha!

Hawaiian prints are not going anywhere next year. What makes it different for spring 2019? No more tacky tropical prints. At Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection show, it’s all about TWO-TONED style.

6. Neon

We saw neon in Milan Fashion Week. Now it’s popping at the Paris shows. Flashy, head turning neons are going to be big next year. Are you here for it?

7. New gen bucket hats

Buckets hats are also NOT going away. At Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection, we saw traditional bucket hats, knit buckets, straw bucket hats—but our top pick are the FEATHER bucket hats. We love being EXTRA!

8. Tiny bags

Are they lovely? YES.
Are they functional? MAYBE.
Are we buying them? 100%

9. Lace cardigan

This lace-y, see through cardigan is a good way to show off your hard-earned muscle—without being a total douchebag.

Also, how charming is the print of that red pyjama shirt?

10. Animal prints/embellishments

Gym, but make it fashion. The technique used to put this owl print/embellishment over this fancy teal tracksuit is insane. It’s almost couture, no?


Which is your top favorite from Valentino Spring 2019 Menswear Collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli? Let us know in the comments.