Valentino Pre-fall 2019 in Tokyo

One of the most talked about collection launched outside the big four fashion weeks last year was Valentino’s pre-fall show in Tokyo.

Tokyo was not only a mere venue for the maison. The runway was embracing the host country’s design principles of ma (the space betwee) and wabi sabi (transcient and imperfection).

Thus came out the collection, which evokes a dialogue between perfection and imperfection, permanence and caducity. Distant elements meet and merge in the interval that separates them, showing the gesture of clashing opposites instead of hiding it.

The iconography of the maison – the ruffles, the lace, the grace, and then the flowers, the colors, the motifs – is interpreted in a wabi sabi key. Volumes are purified, ruffles are crushed, pleats are misaligned. Black and red are splashed onto prints, the V logo marks allover.

The show also marks the opening of one of 2018’s much lauded Valentino TKY pop up in their Ginza flagship. A collective that brings in Japan’s notable artisan and local brands, combined with the house’s elegant legacy.

Shown through installations of traditional crafts, artworks, gadgets and capsule collections, Valentino TKY was an impressive new direction for the brand.