Valentino celebrates self-expression and individuality through its Fall 2022 collection

Called “After Club,” the collection is home to an unlikely combination of different styles and aesthetics—reminiscent of a college student’s wardrobe.

Daring and charming at the same time, there are formal pieces, juxtaposed with relaxed, casual items. Pieces such as double-breasted suits, loafers adorned with the signature chain and shirts with spike collar build
a sophisticated look. These are contrasted by the relaxed aesthetic of university-style varsity jackets, rock-stud baseball cap, reversible nylon jackets and low-top sneakers. The collection also includes an array of leather goods such as the Locò sling bag, reversible belts with the “VLogo” signature and a leather hobo bag. Fun is elevated through a series of camouflage-clad pieces, including sweatshirts, T-shirts and Bermuda shorts.