Valentino Announces Jacopo Venturini as New CEO

Jacopo Venturini will succeed Stefano Sassi, head of the Roman brand since 2006.

Maison Valentino announced that as of June 1, 2020, Jacopo Venturini will be the new CEO of the brand. “I’m very happy to return for the third time to Valentino, the Italian maison which represents my first love affair in fashion,” Venturini explained . “Valentino means heritage and future to me; it will be a pleasure working arm in arm with Pierpaolo [Piccioli].“

Jacopo Venturini

Outgoing CEO Stefano Sassi—who guided the brand from all the way back in 2006—also stated his gratitude towards the maison. “It has been an incredible personal and professional experience working at Valentino for the past 15 years,” he said. “The decisions that I’ve taken in full agreement with the board and the shareholders are aimed to the growing ambitions of the brand and I’m optimistic for the future of Valentino once the emergency situation will cease. I wish the very best to my colleagues.“

In addition, Valentino’s Chairman Rachid Mohamed Rachid thanked Sassi for the remarkable objectives achieved in the last decade, since his role has been pivotal in turning Valentino into the contemporary brand that it is today. He also believes that Venturini will inject new vibrant energies into Valentino.