Valentino and Undercover Collaborate on a Visual Range

The collaboration is what’s claimed to be a “conversation” between both brands’ Creative Directors—Pierpaol Piccioli and Jun Takahashi

Earlier this year, Maison Valentino Men’s Fall/Winter 19-20 show in Paris saw its latest collaboration with Japanese brand Undercover, which conceived a series of graphics for their Men’s Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collections. The collaboration is what’s claimed to be a “conversation” between both brands’ Creative Directors—Pierpaolo Piccioli and Jun Takahashi.

Piccioli confessed his admiration of how Jun Takahashi has changed and elevated the philosophy of streetwear into “a more conceptual and sophisticated level”. “Undercover is able to use poetry and delicacy even in the more common pieces of an everyday wardrobe. I like Jun’s taste and vision and I like how he plays and interacts with graphics. There is always something to discover, his work is never predictable,” says Piccioli.

On the other hand, Takahashi admitted that he personally “greatly admire Valentino by Pierpaolo Piccioli” as his reason to agree on the collaboration. “The past and the future is the common theme of this season for Valentino and Undercover and I tried to express it through graphics,” says Takahashi.

The collection reflects Jun Takahashi’s off way of taking on streetwear, conveyed in Valentino’s latest collection through 90’s inspired tailoring which encounters what Piccioli claims to be Undercover’s “romantic” theme of streetwear. The collection is filled with intarsias, embroideries, jacquards, prints and iconic graphics that go through time and style—a visual feast!

The collection is available at Valentino’s Plaza Indonesia this September.