Update On Classic Boat Shoe by Aldo

WALK THE PLANK. Taking inspiration from coastal cities around the world, Aldo’s Glamosa shoes is an ode to the classic boat shoe.

Walk the Plank

Sporting model Miles McMillan as the face of its ad campaign, these new shoes by Aldo are available in three colors: bone, black and navy blue. With white rubber soles, the Glamosa shoe is the kicks for every occasion. Not only are they comfortable to wear thanks to the slip-on style, the white soles on the shoes make them easy to pair with just about any article of clothing. You can wear it with a T-shirt and Bermuda shorts or a blazer and pants. For those of you who prefer vintage styles, pair the navy blue Glamosa shoe with a denim shirt or jacket—that’ll certainly give you that “where modern meets past” look.