Up Close with TUMI’s Newest Alpha 3 Pieces

Before the travel bug hits you for the rest of 2019 and beyond, let’s look at one of the foremost travel collections to keep in mind: TUMI’s Alpha 3 Collection

Luggage is luggage, you may think. But if you’ve ever owned, user or even handled a TUMI bag, you know that there can be more to a luggage piece than just holding your stuff. There is, of course, the aesthetic aspect, which is on full display in the “The Art of Expedition” feature in DAMAN’s April/May ’19 issue.

Furthermore, just a short while ago, we had the chance to meet TUMI’s newest campaign star for the Asia and Middle East region, the one and only Chris Pratt. Our encounter with the MCU actor and our recounting of the unveiling of his campaign for the brand can be viewed here and is also in our June/July ’19 issue. Before that, however, we thought this would be the perfect time to get a closer look at Chris Pratt’s favorite TUMI pieces.

Now, in his campaign, Pratt is seen sporting various pieces from the Alpha 3 collection, and during the press conference at the launch of said campaign, he mentioned the Alpha 3 Brief Pack and Alpha 3 Carry-on as his current favorites. Of course, depending on your needs, you might end up opting for other models from the collection. But rest assured that all of them will more than meet your expectations.

TUMI’s Alpha collection was born around 10 years ago. Today, the Alpha 3 reinvents the timeless collection—known for its soft yet durable pieces that perfectly met the needs of the modern traveler—and once again set a new standard for travel. All in all, the Alpha 3 features all the major hallmarks of TUMI: innovation in design, top tier engineering, functionality, style and performance.

The TUMI Brief Pack from the Alpha 3 collection in Black

In particular, the Alpha 3 is highly functional and intuitive. Updates on these new models include an integrated USB power port for all carry-on pieces, dual-access entry that makes both packing and unpacking a breeze as well as an easily accessible front pocket. Dual-coil security zippers and protective rails on the front complete the package, together with sleek leather rain flaps on the bags.

Aesthetically speaking, the Alpha 3 collection is perhaps best described as being “refined”—the words “modern” and “sleek” also come to mind. All of the pieces in the collection—ranging from backpacks and briefs along with accessories—are available in Black Ballistic, Black Leather and Anthracite with brown leather trim. In other words, there’s definitely something for every manner of traveler.

The International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On from the Alpha 3 collection

“It’s for DJs, it’s for Chris Pratt, it’s for artists, it’s for musicians, for people that expect the best and need the best, to perform at the best level,” TUMI Creative Director Victor Sanz said in an interview prior to the aforementioned launch event. “That’s what we started connecting to.”


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