Uniqlo Brings Back Jil Sander +J Collection for Fall 2020

The exciting news about the collaborative +J line was unveiled in August and now the Japanese retailer has revealed the full lookbook and campaign images for the collection that has been on hiatus for nine years.

Back in 2009, Uniqlo and Jil Sander began the partnership and launched the collaborative line +J. Designed by Sander, +J aimed to challenge the industry conventions of luxury and accessibility in its mission to simplify life with straight urban high-quality pieces. The story has evolved now, Sander and Uniqlo joins forces again in the interest of underlining the individual, and on a quest for attractive uniforms and quiet sophistication. Both share the same value for a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle with modern, durable and uncluttered style. The goal is one: to connect the global community and set it free for the task at hand.

The +J Collection this fall features sophisticated essentials for men and women. The collection is inspired by “a sense of enlightened understatement”, which consists of versatile, timeless pieces. It’s a perfect balance of detailed tailored and sculptural shapes that makes impeccable proportions, comfort and ease.

Women’s pieces feature stand collar shirts and cashmere sweaters with color options ranging from white, black, cream to burgundy. There’s also an A-line long-sleeves dress and outerwear such as down jackets, puffer coats and more. While in menswear, shirts are adorned in patchworked styles with stripes and solid color options, suits options from single-breasted blazers, slim-fit pants and a mesh belt. There’s also an oversized blouson and parka. Materials used in the collection range from functional fabrics to herringbone tweed, cashmere, merino wool, while the pockets, zippers, stitching and contrasting lining add eye-catching details to the pieces.

For this collection, Sander said, “I set out to define the global modern uniform with this in mind: Clothes should be long-lasting and enduring. They should serve the wearer and give her or him the energy and self-assurance which is so much needed in our global reality.”

The full collection from +J is due to release on November 13 at Uniqlo stores in Indonesia.