Unfolding New Mobile Experiences: Samsung’s Newest Innovative Journey

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 highlights the brands latest innovative streak in pioneering a new wave of foldable technology

Once upon a time, long before an online article like this one here on your phone was possible, there was a period when flip phones were all the rage. But, like the old brick designs before, these eventually gave way to smartphones. Until today, that is, as the descendants of the venerable flip phone are making a comeback. And at the forefront of this innovation of foldable mobile experiences is, of course, Samsung.

Step by Step

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

It all began in early 2019 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which had the dimensions of a large but fairly standard smartphone, but could be unfolded to reveal a massive 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display. This extra screen real estate allowed unprecedented multitasking capabilities in a package that was cutting edge, stylish and luxurious.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

Then in early 2020, the Galaxy Z Flip was introduced. This phone—the first foldable phone to use a glass display—really showcased the flexibility of the concept and prompted a wide range of new uses, such as utilizing Flex mode to position the phone on various surfaces and easily take group selfies. The Z Flip ultra-compact design also appealed to those with an eye for stylish and fashionable gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Just a little over a month ago, another milestone was reached in Samsung’s innovative streak as the Galaxy Z Fold2 was introduced. “Innovative” would be a bit of an understatement here, as this new foldable phone came equipped with a host of high-end features that, in turn, allowed for a wide range of new mobile experiences.


Changing the Shape of the Future

While this might sound like a rather boastful claim, the Galaxy Z Fold2 does have an awful lot going for it. Not just in terms of technical specs, mind you—although that’s definitely impressive—but also the various new ways that the phone can be used.

First and foremost is multitasking. It goes without saying that the large screen really helps with performing various functions simultaneously. What’s more, the Multi-Active Window and Multi-Window Tray features makes arranging multiple apps onscreen a breeze while also facilitating dragging-and-dropping documents between applications.

The Galaxy Z Fold2’s Hideaway Hinge is a masterpiece of engineering that really highlights Samsung’s craftsmanship. Besides simply allowing the phone to be folded or unfolded, it also allows for various freestanding configurations for enhanced hands-free operation, whether it’s propping up your phone on a table to take a group selfie or having it standing in front of your mat during an online yoga session. And no tripod needed.

What’s more, the phone’s Flex Mode feature will automatically split the screen into two sections when folded, allowing users to, say, watch videos on the upper part and access feedback controls on the lower part.

Last but definitely not least, the Galaxy Z Fold2 encases all of these features and capabilities in an aesthetically pleasing design that’s elegant, slim and premium.


A Call to Innovators

Building on this foundation of craftsmanship and innovation, Samsung Indonesia has invited three notable figures, innovators in their own right, to work on an exclusive artwork utilizing the Galaxy Z Fold2. These are fashion designer Dana Maulana (who is also the founder of Danjyo Hiyoji), textile pattern artist Mira Hoeng (CEO and founder of MIWA Pattern) and product designer Singgih S. Kartono (founder of Spedagi). All in all, this is definitely something to look forward to.

For more information on the Galaxy Z Fold2 itself, go to www.samsung.com/id or visit your nearest Samsung Experience Store.