Under Armour Releases New Campaign with Baseball Star Bryce Harper

The saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For Under Armour, truer words were never spoken




After all, according to the American sportswear brand, every sporting moment starts with the feet.

In accordance with that, Under Armour is introducing a new campaign called “It Comes from Below.” The launch of the campaign also coincides with the 2016 MLB All-Star Game that fell on July 12.

Representing the campaign is one of Under Armour’s numerous brand ambassadors, Bryce Harper, the reigning National League MVP and four-time All-Star. As a part of the campaign, a short film about Harper has also been published by Under Armour. Entitled “Numbers,” the film tells a story about everything but numbers.

Narrated by Harper’s real-life high school coach Sam Thomas, the film follows Harper as he practices by himself in a baseball field. In the midst of flashing numbers that symbolize Harper’s success, the camera focuses on his first step and pivot in the batter’s box, and how they affect his performance.

“My game has always started from the ground up, and that is something I take great pride in,” Harper comments in the official statement. “Few understand the importance of perfecting footwork as a core component to their game.”



Also featured in the campaign is Harper One, Under Armour’s first signature baseball footwear and tribute to Harper the athlete. The Harper One shoes, including the latest version Harper One Platinum, is available on the brand’s website.

Under Armour has also announced that another short film starring another league MVP, Cam Newton, will be coming this fall.