Under Armour Gives Michael Phelps the Perfect Tribute Video

GET INSPIRED. Let Michael Phelps inspire you to go out there and do amazing things with this tear-jerker video



What does it take to create the most decorated Olympian of all time? A lot of pain and tears, apparently. And we get a glimpse of that in Under Armour’s latest campaign video featuring Michael Phelps.

As one of Under Armour’s brand ambassadors, the 30-year-old American swimmer stars in the brand’s newest “Rule Yourself” campaign.

The video sees Phelps as he’s put through grueling training sessions in and out of the swimming pool. Scenes of him trying to endure the pain as he exercises at the gym or undergoes cupping therapy really show us outsiders what’s really going on behind all the gold medals. The video’s score, “The Last Goodbye” by The Kills, makes the video even more touching, especially when you realize that the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio will be Phelps’ final one.

If you feel like crying when you watch the video, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Phelps himself was moved to tears when he saw the video for the very first time at the Under Armour headquarters. “That commercial shows a lot of amazing things about me that probably the world has never seen,” he said.