Tyler Posey Exclusive Interview with DA MAN

At 20 years of age, young Tyler Posey has accumulated some serious experience in the acting world, including long-term appearances in TV series such as Doc, Brothers & Sisters and Lincoln Heights. Earlier in 2011, he made his debut as the leading man in a TV series, the incredibly popular. By Salli Paradisio and Refa Koetin


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Having Irish, Scottish, English, Mexican and Native North American blood running through his veins, Tyler Garcia Posey developed an early interest in acting and he began his acting career on stage at the age of six. His first appearance was in George Tillman Jr.’s Men of Honour with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. Tyler’s big break, however, came when he was cast as Raul Garcia in the television series drama, Doc.

He is currently filming a movie titled White Frog where he will play the lead role alongside beautiful actress Kelly Hu and Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. In this exclusive interview, Tyler tells us how he feels about his success and how it came about.

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DA MAN: What can you tell us about Teen Wolf?

Tyler Posey: It is the most dynamic project that I have ever worked and always surprises me how much fun it is to work on the show.

DA MAN: What’s in store for the second season?

Tyler Posey: More of everything you loved about the first season.

DA MAN: You’ve been in showbiz with dozens of parts since you were quite young. How was your childhood?

Tyler Posey: I couldn’t have asked for anything more of my childhood. I got to play with my G.I. Joe toys and video games while I was working with J.Lo [Jennifer Lopez in the 2002 film Maid in Manhattan] and Arnold [Schwarzenegger on the 2002 film Collateral Damage]. It was awesome!

DA MAN: We hear you are in a band and play guitar, what else can you tell us about that?

Tyler Posey: My band is called Lost in Kostko and we are made up of four dudes who like good music.

DA MAN: Being that Teen Wolf has been your first main, lead role, do you feel it’s your big breakout?

Tyler Posey: Yeah it’s definitely my breakout role. I never had a room full of girls screaming my name until teen wolf came out.

DA MAN: Where do you hope to go from here, career-wise?

Tyler Posey: I want to continue making great TV and film projects. I hope to produce someday, too. It would also be cool to tour with my band.

DA MAN: In terms of your social life, have things changed for you since the show has gained so much popularity?

Tyler Posey: My friends and family all treat me the same. The only difference is now I get recognized in public.

DA MAN: How about issues with the paparazzi?

Tyler Posey: That isn’t really an issue for me. It is one of those things I can’t avoid, so instead of thinking of it as an issue, I embrace it.

DA MAN: Who have been some of your idols/inspirations in terms of acting?

Tyler Posey: Tom Hanks definitely; he’s so well-rounded and has such a broad acting range. He has also managed to keep his head level his entire career.

DA MAN: Are there any actors that you really yearn to work with? And if so, what specifically about them makes you want to?

Tyler Posey: I would love to work with Matt Damon. I feel like I would be so intimidated that I would forget all my lines.

DA MAN: Do you think viewers are ever going to get tired of werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters and the like?

Tyler Posey: No. They have been around forever and everyone still loves them!

DA MAN: Was that a genre you were a fan of before you got on the show?

Tyler Posey: Yeah. Growing up, one of my favorite films was Queen of the Damned [2002], a vampire movie.

DA MAN: What was the casting like, was all quick and simple or a long, drawn-out process?

Tyler Posey: The final audition was about six hours long, but the whole process was a blast.

DA MAN: You’ve played in a wrestling film (Legendary) and now as a lacrosse player (Teen Wolf), have you always been an athletic guy? What other sports have you participated in?

Tyler Posey: I can thank my dad for the athletic genes. I grew up skateboarding and played other team sports.

DA MAN: How do you get into character, especially when you know there’s a scene coming up where you shift?

Tyler Posey: I literally put myself in the shoes of my character and try to understand what it feels like to turn into a werewolf.

DA MAN: How do you prepare for roles, in general?

Tyler Posey: I do a lot of script reading, so I know the character inside and out. And then I add a back story and put myself in the shoes of my character.

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DA MAN: How did you learn, and/or how do you now hone your craft?

Tyler Posey: I just picked it up naturally.

DA MAN: Do you think it’s better just to be natural and not overthink it?

Tyler Posey: Natural.

DA MAN: With Teen Wolf, do they give you the script months in advance or like really close to the shooting date?

Tyler Posey: It varies. Sometimes we get them days in advance and other times a week.

DA MAN: Did you see the original Teen Wolf movie from 1985 starring Michael J. Fox? And did you like it and say, ‘I want to play that role’?

Tyler Posey: I saw it and liked it, but the thought never crossed my mind that I would ever play the role of Teen Wolf!

DA MAN: The show has had some very good ratings, is that something you or your cast-mates expected?

Tyler Posey: I didn’t expect anything, because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I’m definitely not disappointed!

DA MAN: Who among your cast-mates are you closest to?

Tyler Posey: Dylan O’Brien! [who plays the role of Stiles on the show]

DA MAN: What is the general vibe like on the set?

Tyler Posey: The perfect balance of having fun and professionalism

DA MAN: What is your dream role?

Tyler Posey: I want to be able to incorporate my guitar playing into one of my roles.

DA MAN: What projects do you have coming up?

Tyler Posey: I just filmed two movies during the summer, White Frog and Taco Shop.

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DA MAN: Who was the biggest influence on you, as a kid, that encouraged you to pursue a career that so many want to get into, but so many fail?

Tyler Posey: The concept of the career itself influenced me, not one person.

DA MAN: What are the best and worst parts of the show business industry?

Tyler Posey: The best is everything about it! For me, the worst is that I feel like people expect me to have this pretentious or ‘Hollywood’ attitude.

DA MAN: What would you be doing if not acting?

Tyler Posey: Playing music.

DA MAN: What does fashion mean to you?

Tyler Posey: I know absolutely nothing about fashion.

DA MAN: What’s your go-to outfit when you have a hip party to attend?

Tyler Posey: I just reach into my closet and pull out whatever I will be comfortable in. DA