TUMI Launched Its First Virtual Experimental Store

More than just a shopping destination, the new TUMI Virtual Store also engages visitors with digital interactive activities

To debut its spring 2021 collection, international travel, lifestyle and performance luxury brand TUMI launched the TUMI Virtual Store. The virtual store ushers in a creative new age of digital retail that connects fans of the brand like never before. It is a dynamic storytelling medium that inspires customers to embark on a journey through thoughtfully designed interactive touch points and activations.

At the virtual store, visitors can also engage with various digital interactive activities that offers a fresh evolution of more traditional digital retail concepts. Visitors can discover and activate these fully integrated touch points as they explore every section of the TUMI Virtual Store. For instance, products displayed throughout the virtual store can easily be tapped for further essential information and for actual purchasing. Additionally, visitors can view selected TUMI products in 360-degree 3D and use Augmented Reality to virtually place certain styles in theirsurroundings. For the ultimate customer experience, visitors will be able to either shop selected products now or contact sales associates to book a personal virtual shopping experience.

In addition to that, visitors now can also snap a three-second video selfie at the TUMI Virtual Store magic mirror, watching it appear on the store’s magic mirror before downloading the video file to easily share with friends on social media. The interactive experience that is usually only available in offline stores now can be experienced wherever the customer is, unbounded by physical presence.

The virtual store also connects to other TUMI shopping channels via its Chat & Shop function, allowing customers to easily connect with sales associates to ask for advice and place orders, or they can do so via connected local e-commerce websites.

As a final touch that bridges the online experience with the physical, the TUMI Virtual Store design language features a customer-centric luxury retail concept that combines a chic minimal aesthetic with marble-grain flooring and ceilings, accented with softer relaxed lighting—all of which are elements from the new TUMI Manifest Store concept at Plaza 66 in Shanghai. Discover the latest collection and explore the virtual experience at the TUMI Virtual Store.

The TUMI Virtual Store is available all around the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.