TUMI and Razer Pay Tribute to Esports with a Collaborative Collection

Presented through a campaign titled Carry Hard, the two brands joined forces to craft a capsule collection of gear specifically inspired by the gaming subculture

The past couple of decades has seen massive growth in esports, which has become a major focus in the video game industry and given rise to hundreds of local and global tournaments. This phenomenon, in turn, has provided unprecedented opportunities for lifestyle brands to craft products targeted specifically at gamers. Case in point: New Jersey-based brand TUMI collaborated with American-Singaporean label Razer to craft a capsule collection inspired by esports.

As homage to this specific gaming subculture, the collaborative collection is a reimagination of TUMI’s signature designs as must-have gears for gamers. Exceptionally demonstrating the brand’s savoir-faire in luggage and bag manufacturing, the pieces in the collection boast innovative elements and features. They are further informed by futuristic designs and materials of excellent quality while, at the same time, bearing Razer’s aesthetics as reflected on the black-neon green iteration and the label’s three-headed snake logo.

The collection comprises four designs. The first item is a take-everywhere laptop cover that can house a 15-inch laptop, providing great protection for gamers’ most-prized asset. To carry more peripherals, cords, gaming gears and other items, the laptop cover can be complemented with the Bozeman Sling bag. It features a back-slip pocket with a magnetic snap, a key leash and a padded adjustable strap with quick-release technology.

The Finch Backpack is a smart choice to carry gear while on the go. Equipped with a padded pocket that accommodates a 15-inch laptop, the backpack also features an elastic earbud pocket and a back-slip pocket. Security is strengthened thanks to the zipper installed on the entry to the laptop compartment. Furthermore, the Finch Backpack has a special element called the Add-a-Bag Sleeve which allows wearers to slip it over the handle of the last design in the collection, the International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Luggage.

The luggage is mainly informed by its 19-degree contour, a signature design of TUMI. Recycled materials are used to make the polycarbonate that constructs the luggage’s case, reflecting TUMI and Razer’s commitment to sustainability. The four-wheeled luggage is also equipped with a built-in USB-C port, allowing = users to charge their devices while on the move.

Released as a limited-edition collection, each design only has 1,337 units—a play on the word “l33t” which is pronounced “leet” and is gamers slang for “elite,” namely highly-skilled players. Furthermore, the collaborative capsule is presented through a campaign dubbed Carry Hard—a tribute to gamers’ determination in carrying their team to victory.

The esports-inspired collection is available at TUMI stores or head on over to the capsule’s official page on TUMI.co.id to learn more.


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