Trendmakers at the Oscars

By now, the movie and music award season have come to an end – and if you’ve been following us, it has been an interesting year with the way the actors and filmmakers dress, too. All of which culminates perfectly at the Oscars a few nights ago.

We round up some of said trends in a simple list,

Real Men Wear What They Want

Jason Momoa is probably the closest depiction of what a real man should look like. But he came in pink – plus a scrunchie in the same color! This shows that masculinity is not defined by anything other than the person himself – much less by a color.

At the Grammys earlier, Post Malone pulled the same with his denim to denim combo, and let’s not forget Billy Porter’s sensational cape at the Globes.


Sleepwear Outers

Mark Ronson’s bespoke suit is actually both intriguing and dapper. The rarity of it makes it even more interesting – yet, we’ve decided to see this as the “sleepwear” or “pajama” look – for obvious reasons.

Lakeith Stanfield sported something that even resembles the later description even more at the Critics Choice Awards, although more with the pattern than the piping.


Assymetrical Blazer

Dior Men invented this, and Nicholas Hoult’s suit is not the only one they endorsed this season. The likes of  Rami Malek and Joe Alwyn have wore Kim Jones’ creations as well.

Yet the look is not one brand’s monopoly. Billy Porter flaunted his own take on the look at the CCs – along with the bow and ribbon as well.


Blue Velvet

Velvet as a suit material is nothing new, but the over flowing of blue and all its shades on various red carpets is just staggering. Of course, Chris Evans’ teal jacket totally grabbed everyone’s attention.

Before Evans, Henry Golding pulled a darker blue tone at the BAFTAs, while Milo Ventimiglia had a navy velvet suit upon his arrival at the SAG Awards.


Shapeless Frock

Chadwick Boseman’s long tailed tuxedo was quite interesting. A look that probably only old time cabaret performers or a woman dare to pull – yet the Wakandan king did wonderfully.

But surely, it’s not the first time this year. Actor Cody Fern came to the Critics Choice Awards in what appear to be the mix between a suit, a jumpsuit, with the top cropped – that showed some skin. Or maybe his Golden Globes appearance where he sensationally came in a see through blouse that was just elegant.


BONUS: Gender Bender

Lastly, just for fun, we keep a special category for our hero, Billy Porter. Not only did he came bending all expectations of the common gender appearances, he also did it fabulously.

It takes something similarly spectacular to match Porter’s dramatic entrance – thus we spotted Olly Alexander at the Brit Awards to be equally rewarding.