Travelling soon? Pack Mango FW19 Collection In Your Suitcase

Mango has recently dropped a new range of looks for fall and winter to keep you warm and stylish. Here are DA MAN’s pick of key pieces from Mango’s latest collection for you to take on your next travels.

In-And-Out of Flight Comfort: The Detachable Water-repellent Anorak

Destinations: Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Canada

It could probably the option for those who opt for multi functionality as soon as boarding the airplane—and once you get out. The jacket features a detachable hood and inners for a quick fix, and it features many pockets for tickets, power banks, and other travel stuff for hassle-free travel. Available in dark navy and light heather grey, priced at Rp1,799,000

Mid-day Stroll: Zipped high collar cardigan

Destinations: Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Australia

Simply lightweight and elegant, the bomber-collared cardigan is a handy mid-day option when the sun is out and it’s still breezing. The jacket is also versatile to mix and match with the likes of turtlenecks, sweater, shirt and even T-shirt. The cardigan is priced at Rp1,199,000

Business Purposes: Flecked wool Tailored coat

Destinations: United Kingdom, Italy, Monaco, France, San Marino

Going on a business trip in a cold city? Then the flecked wool tailored coat, available in ice grey and medium brown, is what you need. It’s effortlessly classy and versatile. The coat is priced at Rp1,999,000

All-Weather Extreme Shield: Technical fabric two-tone parka

Destinations: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland

When you’re going to a destination that’s not only super cold but most likely possible to rain, the technical fabric two-tone parka is just what you need. Aside from its long design, the parka is waterproof, which will really come in handy be it when skiing is on the agenda or when minus degrees start to hit and the rain starts to pour. The parka is priced at Rp2,999,000

A Night Out: Faux shearling aviator jacket

Destinations: Japan, Turkey, U.S.A, Canada, Russia

Going for a night out means looking stylish. One of the options that would keep you warm but would be eye-catching is the aviator jacket. Featuring a faux shearling collar with a loop on the neck, it’s not only able to keep you warm during the night but would definitely give you the classic vintage cool flair you need. The jacket is priced at Rp1,799,000