Top trends to follow for fall/winter 2023

As we transition into Fall/Winter 2023, the world of fashion is ablaze with creativity and innovation. In this dynamic season, designers have drawn inspiration from a diverse range of sources, bringing forth captivating trends that redefine contemporary style.


Pantone’s Color of The Year for 2023, Viva Magenta, is reigning on the runways. This audacious color initially made its mark last season, yet it continues to dominate fall/winter 2023 collections. Fendi, JW Anderson and Bianca Saunders have infused this warm tone into their creations, thereby inspiring us to inject ultraviolet into our outfits, too.

The Matrix Resurrections 

The unique visual style of sci-fi movie series “The Matrix” has seeped into this season’s fashion scene, as designers embrace the franchise’s iconic wardrobe while giving it a modern and fresh twist. The key item to channel the aesthetic is undoubtedly the long black coat. For a bolder choice, consider pairing it with a bow shirt, as seen in Saint Laurent’s runway, or simply leave it as it is.

The Country Club 

Life in the countryside—from gardening and farming to horse-riding and other pastoral activities—have become a particularly noteworthy source of inspiration for fall/winter 2023. Designers have taken the garbs related to those activities and adapted them to modern city life. Lazoschmidl, for one, chose metallic fabrics for overalls, while Dries Van Noten added embellishment to the venerable cowboy shirt to give it a modern twist.