Top Tips to Combat Maskne, The Face Mask-Induced Acne

As this era of face masks being essentials persists, it has become more and more noticeable that acne can start growing under those masks after continued use.

Skin specialists have taken to calling it “maskne.” On a more technical note, the outbreak is caused by substances such as oil, bacteria and dead skin cells becoming trapped under the mask. Masks also tend to trap in humidity due to perspiration happening under it. Other causes include friction: As people touch their masks and move it around, they rub on the skin and cause cha ing and irritation. The basic steps to minimize the occurrence of maskne is to reconsider the type of mask you use and streamline your skincare routine using gentle, non-soap cleansers and mild, fragrance-free moisturizers. And on top of that, these trio of products can also lend a helping hand.

3 Most Recommended Products to Prevent or Treat Maskne

Duvaderm Microfoam Cleanser

Duvaderm Microfoam Cleanser is an all-in-one foamis an all-in-one foam cleanser made to remove dirt and pore-clogging debris with panthenol to boost skin hydration and toning, along with licorice extract which has anti-in ammatory property. Specially formulated for all skin types.

His Erha Gentle Acne Essence All in One

His Erha Gentle Acne Essence All in One is the first multi-function essence made for men with oil and acne-prone skin type. It helps fight against acne by controlling excess oil, and hydrating and calming the skin.

Sensatia Botanicals Tea Tree and Lemon Spot Treatment

Combat stubborn blemishes and breakouts with the Tea Tree and Lemon Spot Treatment from Sensatia Botanicals, a lightweight ointment designed specifically for acne-prone skin. Nourishing and non-comedogenic, it treats problem areas without blocking pores.