Top 5 Looks from Ben Sherman at PIMFW

After Fred Perry opened Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) 2015, the British invasion continued with Ben Sherman and its collection


The third and last fashion presentation of the first day of PIMFW, held in partnership with DA MAN, came from Ben Sherman, which enlisted the help of actor Ario Bayu and musician Aqi Singgih to open and closed the show.

Unlike the previous two shows on the first day of PIMFW—Fred Perry with its runway tennis and Rococo the Men’s Store with its musical performance—Ben Sherman’s didn’t offer anything other than the surprise appearance of the two celebrities and a showcase of the brand’s fall/winter ’15 collection. Then again, it was very British of them to just go “straight to the point.” Besides, a video with the Clash’s “London Calling” playing in the background that was revealed before the show began was enough to get the audience going.

Ben Sherman’s fall/winter 2015 collection, which is called “London Calling,” explores and reimagines the brand’s core DNA and British idiosyncrasies. And, indeed, it’s easy to see where these “idiosyncrasies” lie. The models were spotted donning t-shirts bearing London Underground logo and long-sleeved tops, among many others. You could almost see them strolling around the streets of London, as they try to beat the city’s infamous weather.

Here are our top 5 favorite looks from the show: