Top 5 Looks from Adamist at PIMFW

Homegrown brand Adamist broke all the rules during its show at Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) 2015, held in partnership with DA MAN



You know that things were going to be interesting when you saw prison bars on the runway. And prison bars were exactly what we first saw upon entering the venue for Adamist’s show, which opened the second day of PIMFW.

Those bars weren’t there for nothing. They were the perfect way to depict “The Convicts,” which was the main theme for the show. Also in accordance with the theme were the models, who walked down the runway with chains around their wrists or their necks (accessories of the season, anyone?).

Designer and founder Jacky Rusli explained to DA MAN prior to the show that the theme and concept were chosen so as to invite men to break all the rules in the way they dress.

It seems, though, that Adamist was taking its own advice and broke its own rules. Adamist was famous for its monochromatic pieces, but during the show, slightly bolder colors like red and blue also made an appearance in the brand’s fall/winter ’15 lineup. Adamist also added fun patterns to some of its black-and-white shirts, offering a breath of fresh air to the collection.


Here are our top 5 favorite looks from the show: