Tommy Hilfiger’s New ‘Freedom’ Perfume for Men

FREE ZONE. If Tommy Hilfiger’s latest men’s fragrance seems familiar, that’s because the name ‘Freedom’ has been used for its perfume before, but the similarity stops there

Unlike the old perfume, with its desert-themed campaign, the new Freedom is inspired by the open sea and the endless horizon; it even has male top model Arthur Kulkov in the campaign, in full command of the steering wheel of his boat, to prove it. Kulkov also represents the kind of men that Freedom is made for: confident, decisive men; the captains of their own ships, so to speak. The perfume opens with notes of basil leaves and violet, which are refined with notes of white pepper, ginger, orange blossom and coriander in the heart. It’s finished with sandalwood and driftwood accord that make the base notes.