Tomas Maier’s Passion for Fashion

DA MAN: Do you remember the first item you designed?
Tomas Maier: The Cabat was the first bag I designed at Bottega Veneta when I joined in 2001. I wanted to design an iconic item which could represent Bottega Veneta and transcend seasons, reflecting the philosophy of understatement, luxury and contemporary functionality.

Sleek and deep hues also fill the suits on the runway

DA MAN: What are your thoughts on artistic collaboration for the brand?
Tomas Maier: Collaboration is at the heart of Bottega Veneta and has the most complete meaning. First of all, everything that we produce is a result of people working together, from me as creative director to the design team and the craftspeople who make our products. We are very proud of our artisans working in the atelier in Montebello Vicentino, in the Veneto region in Italy where Bottega Veneta is from. I like the sense that there are skilled hands behind Bottega Veneta who come together to make our products. This extends to when the products have been made, and we collaborate with photographers and artists to create something valid and of quality for our campaigns.

“When somebody says ‘it’s never been done,’ there’s always a solution”

DA MAN: How do you resist trends and yet remain relevant to the modern man?
Tomas Maier: I do not design really for a specific man; instead, what has always appealed to me is the way clothes can convey a sense of individualism and non-conformism. I think that nowadays, clients appreciate quality and impeccable craftsmanship more and more. There seems to be a growing understanding of what true luxury means: The attention to detail, the most exquisite materials, beautifully made things that stand the test of time and grow better with the years.

DA MAN: What do you hope to achieve for Bottega Veneta within the next 10 years?
Tomas Maier: Heritage and tradition are inherent values of Bottega Veneta. We will always stay true to the artisanal roots of the house: A cultural heritage which fuses technique and creativity with know-how and gestures that have been passed down over time and grant our brand’s identity. We are proud of where we are today but we’ll keep on constantly challenging ourselves to bring our brand one step further, finding innovative techniques and new materials, avoiding trends and staying true to the artisanal roots of the house, which allows Bottega Veneta to be both relevant and desirable.

Tomas Maier

A distinctive look of the season’s oversized pants

DA MAN: Could you tell us more about Bottega Veneta’s intentions to support the environment?
Tomas Maier: Sustainability is an important priority for the company and it ties into our philosophy. We want to have the least harmful environmental impact because this is our heritage to protect—both the people and the places. Even our atelier is a reflection of our commitment. I’m very proud of the fact that Bottega Veneta is the first luxury fashion house to achieve the Platinum rating of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in the New Construction and Major Renovations category. It is the present, and the future, of Bottega Veneta. Our intention has always been to support sustainable activities and causes as our endeavors are focused on the long term.

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