Tissot Held a Very Japanese Store Opening Ceremony in Osaka

All thanks to WORLD ORDER



There’s a good chance that, at one point in your life, you have tried pretending to go up and down an escalator behind a desk or a sofa. If someone ever makes you feel bad for doing it, just show them these videos from Tissot.

The watch manufacturer recently opened its boutique in Osaka; it is also Tissot’s very first boutique in Japan. To commemorate the special occasion, Tissot has enlisted the help of WORLD ORDER. Formed since 2009, the all-male band is renowned for the members’ addictive robotic dance.

During the store opening, WORLD ORDER got to perform the aforementioned dance that has gained them fame. It is said that the performance described the enjoyment of finding the perfect watch in the newly opened boutique.

In a different video, WORLD ORDER is seen performing inside the store to introduce the new watch, Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar NBA Special Edition.