Thom Browne Drops Golf Themed Capsule

The master of deconstructing the classic men’s silhouettes, Thom Browne grasps another iconic look from the gents of the olde days: golf.

Knowing Browne, his collection would never brought the body fit polo shirts and khaki pants of the 50s’, and definitely not the visors of the 80s’. Obviously, he went extra and go with the early decades of the 20th century.

Thus, comes a vintage golfing photo album brought to life, filled with unique collections like tartan suits, high socks, argyle sweaters and cardigans, knitted vests, oversized wingtip saddle shoes and academy blazers (complete with the fictional school’s embroidered emblem.)

Along with that also comes Browne’s more out of the box creations such as extravagantly large muffler scarves, Gatsby hats with puffballs and skirts for men!

Browne have done similar design approach with tennis, and most notable for dressing the team members of globally popular Celeveland Cavaliers and FC Barcelona with his shrunken suits.