This Watch Will Survive Alien Invasion

Hamilton’s Khaki X-Wind automatic chronograph will be Liam Hemsworth’s co-star in “Independence Day: Resurgence”


Hamilton Watch Liam Hemsworth independence day resurgence-1


If there’s one watch that has a long history with Hollywood, it has to be Hamilton. One of the very first actors to wear a Hamilton watch on-screen was the late Elvis Presley when he starred in “Blue Hawaii” (1961). Hamilton watches were also featured in “The Raid” (2012), which first catapulted Indonesian action movie scene into the international world.

This year, Hamilton’s Khaki X-Wind automatic chronograph will fight alongside Liam Hemsworth in one of the most-anticipated movies “Independence Day: Resurgence.” The watch’s military-influenced features will definitely fit Hemsworth’s pilot character, Jake Morrison. The watch comes with a brown calf leather strap, 44MM stainless steel case and X-shaped pushers. Everything that a pilot needs can be found in the watch’s mechanism, which consists of an automatic movement that powers chronograph and day-date functions, with an added drift-angle calculator.


Hamilton Watch Liam Hemsworth independence day resurgence-2


Besides the Khaki X-Wind auto chrono, three more Hamilton watches will also make an appearance: Jeff Goldblum will wear the Jazzmaster automatic with GMT function, Bill Pullman will wear the Thinomatic and James A. Woods will wear the Khaki Pilot Automatic Chronograph.

“Independence Day: Resurgence” will play in theaters starting June 22, 2016.