This is What Happens When TAG Heuer, Intel & Android Wear Make a Watch

SMARTWATCH TRINITY. Pushing the newfound universe of smartwatches even further is the TAG Heuer Connected Watch


tag heuer connected


This newly introduced luxury piece is the brainchild of three great giants, which are TAG Heuer, Intel and Android Wear.

Measuring 46mm wide and 12.8mm thick, the Connected Watch is unmistakably masculine, highlighted with sharp angles and a beautiful titanium case. The perforated rubber band comes in multiple color options, as does the electronic display of the watch face. Like most Android-based smarwatches, you can pick the theme you like, although in this case everything is constructed following TAG Heuer’s watch DNA.

Features such as heartbeat sensor and distance measurements can be shown replacing the chronograph sub-dials. There’ll be more to reveal as the collaboration soon adds themes and functionalities that one can find on Google Play.