This is the Boot That’s Been Making Headlines

Tom Hiddleston was seen wearing them during his make-out session with Taylor Swift


tom hiddleston


It’s impossible to not know about this week’s most shocking dating news because it’s everywhere like Taylor Swift’s songs. And yeah, we’re talking about the dating news between the singer and Tom Hiddleston.

By now you’ve probably seen the “sensational” pictures of the couple romancing each other on a beach that were first published by The Sun. But Pret-a-Reporter has also noted that Hiddleston was wearing a pair of suede desert boots from Aquatalia Ace at the time.


Looks like Taylor isn't shedding any tears or any "Bad Blood" over recent break up with Calvin Harris.


The thing is, suede shoes are not exactly made for places near water like, you know, a beach. It’s quite unlikely, though, that Hiddleston wasn’t aware of this fact. Hence, the conspiracy theories.

Then again, Hiddleston has been spotted more than once in the same boots.

So, the real question is: What do the boots really signify? Is the dating news really orchestrated or does Tom Hiddleston only have one pair of shoes?



Photos: Gage Skidmore; The Sun