These Italian Sneakers Just Got Californicated

CALIFORNICATION. Shoe lovers, be warned. Classic chukka boots just got sexed up by Z Zegna, which now rebrands them as The California Sneakers




Produced in Italy using supple Nappa leather and a solid rubber cupsole, these boots are made for walking and much, much more.

As a matter of fact, these stylish footwear pairs are part of the season’s City-to-Surf theme, focusing on dynamic-cuts and durable outfits and accessories that fit urban scenes as well as escapades to the coast.


z zegna the california snakers


It’s no wonder that the brand’s shoe artisans cleverly created the shoes to be light and ultra-soft, topped with water-repellent finishing.

So, wherever you go, these tony kicks are definitely up to the task. Even better, the young and hip brand releases the California Sneakers in five cool shades, including the covetable deep jade.