These are the Rollers You Need on Your Next Holiday

HIT THE BRIC’S. Italian brand Bric’s has always been a consistent and prominent player in the arena of leather goods. The brand, after all, has been around since 1952

Today, their refined approach to shaping and material choices is especially visible in the Magellano collection. From briefcases to spacious suitcases, all of the items in this collection are made in a durable synthetic material that is waterproof, easy to clean and comes with a vegetable-tanned tuscan leather finish. That last one is a traditional technique to obtain a very natural finish through an environmentally friendly process. Simple and elegant, these lightweight Magellano bags perfectly reflect the distinguishing qualities of Bric’s products. More recently, the brand has opened their very first store in Jakarta, at the Kota Kasablanka shopping mall, thereby expanding their global reach to 50 stores spread across 41 countries.