These are the Men who Really Know Jakarta After Dark

UNCOVERED. Four leads from the highly-anticipated “Moammar Emka’s Jakarta Undercover” portray a face of the city that few know even exist, where the nightlife is the only life worth living


On Lukman Sardi: Outfit by Dunhill London
On Ganindra Bimo, Baim Wong and Oka Antara:
Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

With the premiere of the new interpretation of Moammar Emka’s novel that really changed the tone of the nightlife in Jakarta, these four gents help shed a light on what is new on the 2017 movie and why it is worth watching every frame of it.


Outfit by Ermenegildo Zegna

Lukman Sardi

The Editor

Indonesian movie fans might remember that there has already been a movie adaptation of Moammar Emka’s bestselling novel “Jakarta Undercover.” Besides the title and overall theme, there’s one more link between 2007’s “Jakarta Undercover” and this year’s “Moammar Emka’s Jakarta Undercover”: veteran actor Lukman Sardi. “The old movie was simply inspired by the novel, while this new one tells the tale how Emka came to write his book,” Sardi explains, referring to the author’s controversial tome chronicling Jakarta’s notorious nightlife scene in shocking detail. Yet, both the book and the new movie have more to offer than depictions of wholesale sex and wild parties. “For me, the message of this movie is about life,” Sardi points out, “about how people survive in big cities like Jakarta, which aren’t just black and white but also has a lot of gray in them.”

Sardi is also no stranger to working with director Fajar Nugros, but what made him really excited to be part of the new “Jakarta Undercover” was the chance to play opposite Oka Antara—as his boss, to be exact. “I’ve acted with Oka before, but that was just for one frame,” he reminisces. “In this movie, I had the chance to play alongside Oka in a way that was actually intense and where there was a real connection between our characters.” Sardi’s sentiments are actually quite fitting, given another strong theme of “Jakarta Undercover” is—surprisingly—friendship.


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