Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

This is the world’s largest indoor amusement park, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It opened in October to great fanfare, and the amazing and instantly iconic architectural wonder offers a wide variety of rides, attractions, special festivities, shows, entertainment and, of course, all there is to see and know about one of the world’s most famous sports car brands.

For racing fans, this is flat-out, unadulterated paradise. From one of the world’s fastest rollercoasters, the Formula Rossa to the region’s first dueling rollercoaster and other fast-and-furious attractions, Ferrari World will keep you exhilarated. The highlight for me, an unrepentant and unreconstructed speed freak, was the aforementioned Formula Rossa rollercoaster.

I suppose it’s appropriate for an attraction created with the express intent of simulating the thrill of driving an F1 car at breakneck speed, and the Formula Rossa has no time for those nausea-inducing twists and loops. Make no mistake, this is all about speed. Pure, cheek-puffing speed–think zero to 240 kph in four seconds.