The Time Place Revamps Its Flagship Store

In a celebration of true luxury, The Time Place presents a superb and glamorous shopping experience 

Indonesia’s leading luxury timepiece retailer, The Time Place, returns in spectacular fashion with the theme of “a glorious return” for the reopening of its flagship store to the public yet again. As expected, the retailer stays true to its original commitment to deliver the highest quality service for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Located in Plaza Indonesia, the store had only very recently reopened its doors, and in doing so, the had shifted their focus to updating their venue. Using exquisite materials that reflect the brands that it carries, The Time Place aims to be a standout in the horology collectors market. 

The use of marble and onyx, which is very dominant in the revamped store, is highlighted by brass accents which highlights the entry points that also acts as a foundation for the service counters. Also new is the addition of plush, custom carpets that adds an undeniable sense of rich, warm luxury with leather added to the interior and furniture which lends a softness to the details of the counters and brand walls that just screams luxury.

Overhead is a custom imported flowing chandelier made of crystal glass components which represents watch hands, a play on how time flies while on the right hand side, the Audemars Piguet corner connects to The Time Place which serves an array of selections from the Le Brassus-based manufacture in an extended area, creating a very aesthetically pleasing shop-in-shop.

This then means that the new store, which had been “revived” with the new design, now, more than ever, reflects the pieces put on display, and perfectly sets the atmosphere in such a way that the timepieces feel like they’re right at home as they glitter and catch the light in their respective display units, giving shoppers visiting The Time Place’s new store an undeniably superb shopping experience that is hard to rival.